More Superstars Could Be Requesting WWE Release, Randy Orton Teases AEW Move

Image via WWE

WWE’s latest television deals have bestowed added responsibilities on Superstars and their hectic schedule might not be paying off the way it used to as the locker room is reportedly stacked with unhappy talents looking to walk out of the billion-dollar company at the earliest.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted that more Superstar releases could be on the way courtesy of backstage morale recently hitting rock bottom.

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“I was told today, there may be more [releases] coming, who knows? Morale has not been good for a long time but apparently the morale has taken an even bigger hit since October 1st. If you recall, the belief within WWE … their idea was ‘oh my god, we’re going to FOX and a new boom period is going to kick off.”

WWE had a rough start to this year as several Superstars requested their releases, making the matter public. Superstars, most notably, The Revival had made plenty of noise about their potential departure but the billion-dollar promotion was successful in pinning them to lucrative contracts while also crowning the duo the RAW Tag Team Champions just a couple of weeks later.

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Less than 11 months later, WWE is again back to square one, but the situation is pretty intense this time around.

Meanwhile, 13-time World Champion Randy Orton’s latest social media post has fans wildly speculating about his immediate future in the pro wrestling business.

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Orton, 39, shared an ‘elite’ photo that’s nothing short of a tease. Put straight, The Viper could potentially jump ship to AEW in the near future.

The Apex Predator also tagged his colleagues, namely, The Revival and Luke Harper who had requested their WWE releases this year. The inclusion of Elias and Riddick Moss is quite an eye-opener as well. And then there’s AEW EVP Cody Rhodes followed by AEW World Champion Chris Jericho – that itself speaks tons!