More WWE Budget Cuts Expected Later Today

WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco announced on his Twitter account that he had been released from the company earlier today, after being furloughed back in April when WWE decided to make a knee-jerk reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

It appears that according to a report by PWInsider, there could be a number of other cuts made today, but these are all in relation to the backstage staff who were furloughed as part of the budget cuts five months ago.

WWE has reportedly started to bring back a small number of these employees over the last 6-8 weeks with a few employees returning each week

According to the same report, many of those employees are set to be released today, with many still yet to be asked to make their return or not.

There is no word on any further releases at this point, but it’s possible that they could come much later in the day since the last set of budget cuts went on late into the night.