Multiple WWE Talents Reportedly Tested Positive For COVID-19 This Week

WWE’s world was shaken last week as their bubble from the COVID-19 pandemic was penetrated when an audience member was reported to have tested positive for the Coronavirus.

WWE was forced to postpone a number of their tapings the following day while their entire roster was tested for the virus and only allowed back inside the Performance Center when they had been given a negative test result.

Kevin Owens opted to take leave from WWE when the reality of the situation became apparent, but it appears that things have just gotten worse for WWE.

ProWrestlingSheet’s Ryan Satin recently reported on Twitter that many WWE stars had tested positive for the virus this week and these included in-ring talent.

Satin hasn’t revealed a lot of information regarding this positive result but it’s thought that it will definitely set the company back a few paces since they were thinking of bringing back more audience members.

WWE targetted SummerSlam as the time when more fans would be allowed into the arena, but this may no longer be the case.

Last week WWE allowed friends and family into the audience and they had their first positive case, this could mean that the Performance Center goes into full lockdown once again.