Mustafa Ali in Trouble Over Remarks About WWE Legends?

As the leader of RETRIBUTION, WWE Raw’s Mustafa Ali has been a vocal opponent of “forces” that have kept his and his faction mates’ careers from flourishing as they should.

RETRIBUTION was not featured during last week’s “Legends Night” special of Raw and, during Raw Talk, he aimed some of his ire on the legends.

“A night like tonight is exactly what is wrong with this company,” said Ali on the show. “Three hours for guys that can barely walk?”

Now, Ali is implying that the harsh truths he stated during his Raw Talk appearance have drawn some ire from the powers that be.

Ali has retweeted a photo of himself on Raw Talk and captioned it with a quote “we don’t know if we can give you a live mic again.”

While Ali doesn’t attribute the quote to anyone, given the context, many feel that he is implying it was said to him because of what happened on Raw Talk.

There’s an ongoing fan debate if this is a work or a shoot. While many critics of WWE’s booking have previously cited similar problems with an over-reliance on legends, Ali being a critic is also an essential part of his current persona.