Naomi to Receive Strong Push After Social Media Outrage

Two time WWE SmackDown Women’s Champions Naomi is due for a push. According to a report from PWInsider, there are plans to push Naomi in a stronger manner in the next weeks.

The push is said to have stemmed from social media outrage over the treatment of Naomi by WWE. The hashtag #NaomiDeservesBetter trended on Twitter last month and several superstars and legends have Tweeted about the issue acknowledging how talented Naomi is.

Naomi returned to a big pop and an impressive performance during this year’s women’s Royal Rumble but has not really been given much to do.

Last month, she participated in a reviled “Karaoke match” that led to a match on the following episode of SmackDown against Lacey Evans. The match with Evans was short and ended up with Evan’s standing victorious. It was this match that prompted #NaomiDeservesBetter.

Though Naomi was not featured during this episode of SmackDown, she did have a prominent role in the SmackDown before SummerSlam.

She was part of a “Beat the Clock” challenge with SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley and then with the Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. While she lost to Banks, she won over Bayley and was given good screen time to show what she could do.