Nikki Cross To Reportedly Feud With Alexa Bliss

Cross is playing the role that Bayley should've originally played had WWE not botched up

Image via WWE

Nikki Cross has been on the main roster for quite a while and is yet to win her first title on RAW/SmackDown.

Over the last several weeks, WWE has put Nikki in an interesting storyline that features her befriending Alexa Bliss. The Best in the Galaxy considers The Goddess as her true friend but it turns out that the latter is only utilizing the rookie to get what she wants.

Several Superstars in the Women’s Division have tried to persuade Cross to ditch her friendship with Bliss stating that the 5-time Women’s Champion is an opportunist and is simply using her. However, Nikki is too reluctant to listen anything bad about her friend and is ready to put everything on the line just for her.

Dave Meltzer recently revealed that the plan is to have Nikki feud with Alexa down the line. For the record, Cross defeated SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley last week to earn a title shot for Bliss at Extreme Rules.

“The storyline is that Nikki deserves [the title shot]. The whole thing is to make Nikki into a bigtime babyface. That’s the goal here [is for her] to feud with Alexa.”

It turns out that Nikki is actually playing the role that WWE had originally planned for Bayley in the past.

Essentially, Nikki is in the role that Bayley should have been in that they completely botched. They couldn’t go back to Bayley with it because it’s just too far gone and Bayley has been there for too long to go back to that role. Bayley is in her new role that she graduated into and Nikki Cross is in that original role.”

For what it’s worth, the storyline is quite predictable and Bliss’ attitude towards Cross already gives plenty of indications that an inevitable rivalry awaits them in the near future.