NXT Call-Ups Reportedly Getting Paid Less in Recent Times

WWE went through a spree of offering high-dollar contracts last year. It seems those days are over.

WWE made record profits in their previous quarter, which came as a major surprise due to the empty-arena shows and falling ratings.

Despite their record earnings, WWE had to let go of several wrestlers and other backstage personnel, and most of them have found new homes in AEW and Impact Wrestling.

It seems like WWE is still refusing to open their purses, as Fightful Select reported that recent NXT call-ups aren’t getting big paychecks as they usually do.

WWE usually offers big contracts to the stars once they move from NXT to the main roster, but that hasn’t been the case according to the latest report.

Some of the superstars who have recently joined the main-roster include Matt Riddle, Bianca Belair, and members of Retribution.

The report added that WWE is willing to re-negotiate their deals around WrestleMania season in 2021.