NXT Superstars To Reportedly Make More Money With USA Network Deal

It’s going to be “Wednesday Night Wars” between WWE and AEW this time around

Image via WWE

NXT is likely moving to USA Network with people in WWE considering the same to be a “done deal”.

For over a month, there were rumors of NXT potentially switching over to FOX to compete with AEW’s TNT show on Wednesday nights. And that day isn’t far when fans get seven hours of WWE TV on cable every week.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez revealed that NXT Superstars are set to benefit the most with the developmental brand’s move to USA Network.

“I guess who will benefit the most from this will be the hardcore NXT fans, but then again if they’re changing everything then I guess I should take that back, because it won’t be the same NXT.”

“I suppose the people who will benefit from this the most — it won’t be the people from production because they’ll be overworked. I mean, I guess you could say the wrestlers. Because presumably the wrestlers are gonna make a little bit more money. In fact, the wrestlers are going to be making a little bit more money, but I mean let’s just put it this way from what I’ve been told and the guys have been told… let’s just say that when you think of how much money WWE is going to be making as a result of these television deals then these people are getting paid barely nothing to add this two-hour live show on USA Network, but they will be paid more. So there will be some more money thrown their way.”

It was further noted that WWE has a historic announcement in store for this week’s episode Monday Night RAW.

With AEW set for their TNT debut in October, WWE is wasting no time in gaining momentum with all the major announcements. AEW only has their Wednesday night show to rival WWE while the billion-dollar promotion not only has NXT, but also boasts of the main roster, just in case more teeth are necessary.