NXT Talent Reportedly Behind Recent WWE Raw Leaks, Vince McMahon to Launch Inquiry

Over the past few months, while Monday Night Raw has been pre-recorded at the Performance Center in Orlando Florida, there haven’t been any spoilers leaked from the shows since only certain stars have been given details of the shows.

WWE decided to switch it up this week and included a “Social Distanced” audience that saw many NXT stars behind plexiglass enjoying the show.

It was as part of this week’s show that many spoilers were leaked which means that WWE is now aware that a member of the NXT roster is leaking news to the wrestling media.

Sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue recently revealed as part of Dropkick Discussions that Vince McMahon is not happy about the recent leaks and there will be inquiries to find out how these spoilers were leaked out to sources.

“For the moment, NXT stars have been told you would be needed going forward on these times. So, for now, business is usual is NXT talent in the crowd. If it’s a positive response they get, they will continue to do it but there was one negative to it.”

“The WWE really didn’t want information getting out there that there would be a crowd. Information on RAW and SmackDown tapings have not been getting out since they have moved to the Performance Center. Nobody has been told this is happening, nobody has been told that’s happening, and we haven’t had spoilers or anything like that getting through. WWE was very happy about that but this week a lot of information got out and Vince McMahon was apparently not happy at all.”

WWE will be looking at making Monday Night Raw a live show once again in the future in order to avoid any leaks from the audience, or according to Colohue, the company could pull the crowd altogether.

“There will be inquires because now they can say for certain someone in that NXT talent is giving information to wrestling media. So the information getting out has put a few people under pressure.”

“What does that mean for the crowds? We’ll have to see going forward. I think they will stick with it, NXT talent has been told they would be needed for the future but that said, WWE will look to find out who has been leaking information, if they can’t find out, they may end up pulling the crowd.”