NXT Talents Reportedly Made to Stand for 10 Hours at WWE Raw Taping

WWE brought back live audience in the form of NXT talents this week on Monday Night RAW. The young wrestlers were positioned in such a way that everybody filled up the floor while maintaining sufficient distance from each other.

The return of live audience improved Raw rating as the Red Brand took the first, third, and fourth place in the top 150 this week, with 90 Day fiance taking the other two spots in the top five, according to Showbuzz Daily.

On PWInsider Elite audio, Mike Johnson discussed WWE’s new live audience setup during the on-going coronavirus pandemic. The NXT talents had an exhausting day as they were made to stand for 10 hours for the purpose of creating a “mosh pit party” kind of atmosphere.

“I was told that the standing was supposed to make it kinda like a ‘most pit party’ sort of atmosphere. They brought out chairs for in between matches for them to sit, but they had to stand for like 10 hours that day.”

WWE also set up Plexiglass barriers around the barricade, similar to that of a hockey game. While the Plexiglass barrier is still in its testing phase, the same is likely to become the new norm once WWE brings fans back to their tapings.

“The Plexiglass I was told was a test so if and when they go back to doing live events and they are in bigger buildings with people it will keep someone who is asymptomatic from touching a wrestler and potentially passing something on by coughing or sneezing or it’s just a way for the fans to be able to see everything while also having more of a barrier between performer and audience.”

It’s still unknown when WWE will begin touring again, but the new live set up is a good strategy to make their shows livelier and regain lapsed fans.