Original Plan For Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt At Hell In A Cell Revealed

Image via WWE

The climax of Sunday night’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view has dominated the headlines over the past week since fans have been quite vocal about their disappointment on various social media sites.

Seth Rollins was able to overcome the threat of The Fiend to retain his Universal Championship via referee stoppage but given the rise of Bray Wyatt’s popularity with his new character, many fans wanted The Fiend to come out on top and be the main Champion on the Raw brand.

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The ending was one of the strangest finishes inside Hell in a Cell and this could be because it wasn’t the original plan. According to a report by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, the outcome was expected to be the same, but the way that the match ended was going to be very different.

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The report revealed that Wyatt was actually supposed to take a gimmicked bump off the top of the Hell in a Cell structure and the referee would then decide that he was unable to continue and stop the matchup allowing Rollins to retain.

This was instead changed to a much more violent finish where the Rollins pulled out a sledgehammer and the referee feared for Wyatt’s safety.

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It was rumored earlier in the week that Bray Wyatt had suffered a concussion at Hell in a Cell, which may have been prevented if the original plan went ahead. WWE decided not to use Rollins or Wyatt on Raw this week, given the reaction of the Hell in a Cell main event, but The Universal Champion will return to TV tonight on Friday Night SmackDown.

Rollins will take on former Shield teammate Roman Reigns with the winner then allowing their current brand to decide who will be the first draft pick of the 2019 WWE Draft.