Paul Heyman Reportedly Behind Sasha Banks’ New Character

Sasha Banks returned to RAW two weeks ago and has lit up the Women’s Division ever since. The former RAW Women’s Champion had a much-awaited heel turn and a character change, which has shaken things up on Monday nights.

Banks opened RAW last night with a promo, in which she talked about just about everything that happened in the last few months. Banks took time away from WWE after WrestleMania and was rumored to join AEW. However, she returned and has been in midst of a big push ever since.

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According to Mike Johnson on PWInsider Elite, Sasha Banks’ promo to kick off RAW last night was completely written by Paul Heyman. Heyman’s influence has increased in the last few weeks, and it seems like Heyman is a major factor behind Banks’ recent push.

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Paul Heyman is known to have “his guys” in the roster, and Banks looks like a part of this elite group. It was also reported a few weeks ago that Heyman is behind Ricochet‘s push. Ricochet defeated Drew McIntyre in the first round of KOTR this week, which was quite unexpected.

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Sasha Banks being a “Paul Heyman Guy” is quite brilliant for the fans, as Banks wasn’t performing to her full potential as a babyface. Sasha Banks rose to the top in NXT with her exceptional performances as a heel, which made her babyface run even more frustrating for those who have followed her career.

Paul Heyman’s influence on RAW as the Executive Director can be seen with certain segments, but he will quite possibly take a bigger role once Vince McMahon moves away for XFL work. His counterpart on SmackDown Live, Eric Bischoff, has not been as heavily involved as Heyman has been with WWE programming.

Sasha Banks is reported to challenge Becky Lynch for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship at Clash of Champions.