Paul Heyman Reportedly Knew Bayley’s Heel Turn Would Receive Huge Pop On RAW

Is the WWE Universe about to get Boss N Hug Connection 2.0?


Bayley made a sudden heel turn on Becky Lynch on the latest edition of Monday Night RAW – the SmackDown Women’s Champion sided with her bestie Sasha Banks to subject the RAW Women’s Champion to a brutal beatdown.

The crowd went wild as The Hugger laid waste to The Man, with multiple chair shots, in the middle of the ring.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that WWE, especially RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman, had expected a positive fan reaction for Bayley’s shock heel turn on Monday night.

“They knew [the crowd would cheer]. People will always cheer a happening. Look, this is a Paul Heyman show. I haven’t been told, but I can guarantee that he knew, I completely guarantee. It is what it is and that’s just if you’re gonna do a turn they’re gonna cheer you. I just hope they don’t end up booing Becky Lynch because that’s not the goal, but you know that’s one of the things that turned Ronda Rousey with Charlotte Flair beating her up when it was supposed to be the big Charlotte Flair heel turn.”

The heel turn has thus brought Bayley and Banks together yet again although both women are on different brands.

Per rumors, The Boss could potentially dethrone Lynch at Clash Of Champions, a booking that WWE made official during the show last night.

Now that Bayley is officially a heel, WWE could turn SmackDown’s top female Superstar Charlotte Flair babyface.

The Queen has been on a heel run since Survivor Series last year and it’s about time she turned face ahead of SmackDown’s move to FOX on October 4.

Furthermore, a Champion vs Champion showdown between heel Banks and babyface Flair at Survivor Series sounds like a main-event booking, but on the flip side, both Becky and Bayley must drop their titles if that match is to happen.