Possible Identities of RETRIBUTION Members Revealed?

WWE has managed to keep the identities of the members of the latest faction RETRIBUTION a secret from the wrestling community, but several names have been doing rounds in the recent weeks.

WWE has used several different superstars for the stable, with some new figures appearing on RAW this week.

Six superstars hit the ring and attacked Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik during their match against Seth Rollins and Murphy in the main event of RAW, and according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, we finally saw the real stars make their appearance.

Dominik Dikajovic was highly rumored for the stable, but his tall frame was no-where to be seen in the past few weeks. However, fans noticed the 6ft 6in star on the red brand which completely resembles Dikajovic.

Other members of the faction include former RAW commentator Dio Maddin, Chelsea Green, Kayden Carter, Shane Thorne, and Mia Yim.

Maddin had a brief stint on commentary when he was F5ed by Brock Lesnar. He also made an appearance on RAW Underground a few weeks ago.

Green and Carter didn’t make a major impact on NXT, while Mia Yim had a few major moments but nothing worthwhile.

Shane Thorne was part of TM-61 before his partner was released, and he has failed to succeed in singles action.

Dijakovic is arguably the biggest name, and he has competed in the upper mid-card of NXT for a long time and is surely going to be a star attraction. Several other names like Tommaso Ciampa and Vanessa Bourne were often discussed in the rumor circles but seems like WWE has dropped the plans for those.

The official unmasking of these hooligans is not expected to take place until Survivor Series, if reports are to believed.