Possible Reason Why Finn Balor Wasn’t Part Of Raw Reunion Show

Wyatt attacked Balor last week on Raw

Image via WWE

Finn Balor was attacked by “The Fiend” last week on Monday Night Raw and it was believed that the inaugural Universal Champion wasn’t part of last night’s special reunion episode because he was selling his injuries after receiving a Sister Abigail from Bray Wyatt’s returning character.

According to a report by Daniel Wood of Sportskeeda, the real reason why Balor wasn’t part of last night’s explosive episode of Monday Night Raw was because he has already requested some time off from WWE and interestingly been granted it.

It was reported last week that Balor was expected to take some time away from the company following The Biggest Party of the Summer, but he’s actually already been given leave which will be around three weeks in the build-up to this year’s Summer Extravaganza.

Balor is expected to return to WWE as part of the go-home episode of the show on August 5th, which means that if the company is still planning to do Balor versus Bray Wyatt’s Fiend at SummerSlam then there will be very little build to a match until the last week before WWE heads to Toronto for The Biggest Party of the Summer.

Despite Balor not being part of last night’s show, Bray Wyatt was still able to make his mark since he decided to attack former General Manager Mick Foley with the Mandible Claw as he was showing the WWE Universe his favorite moment from his career in the ring.

WWE will now have a mission on their hands in order to keep Wyatt relevant over the next two weeks while Balor is away from the company, so the question on everyone’s lips could be, “Who will The Fiend target next?” since it’s been made obvious that no one stands a chance when Wyatt sets his sights on a new target.