Possible Reason Why Triple H Wasn’t Given Executive Director Role On Either SmackDown or Raw

Image via WWE

Last week’s news was dominated by the fact that Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff were revealed as the new Executive Directors of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live respectively. Heyman was on-hand for this week’s Raw and added a number of ideas to the pot, including the Maria/Mike Kanellis segment alongside Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch.

Bischoff reportedly wasn’t part of SmackDown Live in San Antonio on Tuesday night but will take a bigger interest in the show in the coming weeks, since he is expected to communicate with FOX’s Network ahead of the switch on October 4th and then work closely with them throughout the next few months.

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While this is huge news for WWE, many fans have questioned why the company has called back Eric Bischoff or even asked Paul Heyman to lend his services to Raw when Triple H has already proved himself on NXT, NXT UK and 205 Live.

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According to a report by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Triple H wasn’t handed either of the Executive Director jobs because it would reflect poorly on The Game if numbers didn’t improve in the near future.

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Triple H has a solid reputation and many fans are excited for the time that he takes over the family business and is able to change a lot of things about the current product, but if he was handed a job of this magnitude on the main roster currently, then there’s a feeling that it would reflect back on him and his ability to run the company.

WWE’s ratings and ticket sales are having a number of issues lately and until the company is able to dig themselves out of this hole, it’s likely that they don’t want to make any more drastic changes.