Possible Spoilers On Bray Wyatt-Seth Rollins Match At WWE Hell In A Cell

Image via WWE

The Fiend‘ will challenge for Seth Rollins‘ Universal Championship at Hell in a Cell in one week from Sunday, and WWE has already begun the preparations for the much-anticipated match-up. The two superstars will battle inside the satanic structure of Hell in a Cell, which is bound to create special moments.

Both the superstars are currently at the top of the pecking order, and hence, their match-up is particularly interesting because of the eventual outcome. WWE wouldn’t want its main-event to have a non-finish, which means one of Rollins or Wyatt has to win.

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However, both the superstars are well-protected, and a loss for either one of them is highly unlikely at this stage. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, we are set to see a long match at the PPV, in contrast to their short bouts at live events this past week.

“They did Bray Wyatt in Edmonton and Calgary as well and they were very short main events where Bray Wyatt pretty much devastates him and there’s a comeback and it ends up with a DQ and then Seth manages to run him off and everything. So, they didn’t go long. It makes me wonder if they’ll go long at Hell In A Cell. I think maybe the feeling is they have to.”

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The Fiend brutally assaulted Seth Rollins, leading to DQ victories for Seth Rollins during the live events. It will be interesting to see what route WWE goes with Wyatt.

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There is quite a big possibility that The Undertaker shows up once again, and takes revenge on the Fiend for attacking his ‘brother’ Kane. This could lead to a match between Undertaker and Wyatt at possibly Survivor Series and will be a good way to ensure both the superstars don’t lose the match either.