Potential Spoiler On Two New Faces Set To Be Moved To Monday Night Raw In The WWE Draft

Image via WWE

WWE’s 2019 Draft takes place from Friday night on SmackDown Live through until Monday Night Raw on October 14th. There were rumors a few months ago when the draft was announced that stated that there wouldn’t be many big moves since FOX wanted huge stars like Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns to remain part of the SmackDown brand.

The fact that Becky Lynch retained her Raw Women’s Championship and Seth Rollins retained his Universal title means that WWE’s power couple will need to remain on Raw and according to the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer, they could have some company.

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Last night on Raw, Aleister Black made his return and was able to not only defeat The Singh Brothers but also show off a new interesting submission finisher. It could be that given that Black has been working with Paul Heyman backstage throughout his main roster career, the current director of Raw could have decided to bring Black to The Red Brand.

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“Yeah, that’s what I mean. He’s a SmackDown guy. He hadn’t been on RAW. They are switching guys around. He is a Paul Heyman guy, so I kind of figured. I kind of figured, there’s probably plenty of others, but the two Paul Heyman guys I know on SmackDown are Aleister Black, I mean there are others, and Buddy Murphy and I could see, especially since when they talk about the draft by the Street Profits, they brought up Buddy Murphy’s name too, so I could see those guys come to RAW.”

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“You know Aleister Black will probably get a good push and Buddy Murphy will probably get that three-week push thing you know we always talk about and then they end up like Mojo Rawley,” he said via Sportskeeda.

Buddy Murphy was part of the storyline with Roman Reigns a few months ago, but it appears that this story has moved on without him and he has since been neglected on the Blue Brand.

Murphy and Black may not be huge stars on their respective brands, but their move over to WWE’s flagship show could be the beginning of Heyman’s plans to take over RAW and create a much more superior show.