Rachael Ellering Reportedly Released For Complaining About WWE Medical Team

It was reported earlier this week that Rachael Ellering had been released from WWE NXT.

Ellering, who wrestled in NXT as Rachael Evers, is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering. It was reported earlier this week that she was one of those WWE talents who were released from her contract back in April.

The April releases were done as part of budget cuts that the WWE made allegedly to survive the current COVID-19 pandemic. Among the releases announced earlier was Kassius Ohno, who is Ellering’s boyfriend.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, however, Ellering’s release may have been prompted by more than just budget cuts.

Ellering suffered a torn ACL last year in July, she had been doing rehab after having reconstructive knee surgery so hasn’t been on TV or attending events from some time.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Ellering had been having issues with the WWE medical team and she had spoken to WWE officials about these issues.

Her complaints against the medical team were not received well and that allegedly led to her being cut. She was supposedly given two options as to how she would be released, but there are no details as to what these options were.

Ellering originally came to the WWE as a participant in the Mae Young Classic where she worked both the tournaments. She was then signed with NXT in January 2019 but wasn’t really able to work any major storylines before she ended up getting injured.