Randy Orton Expected to Feud With Drew McIntyre Until Survivor Series

This past week on Raw, Randy Orton won the main event triple threat match that also included Seth Rollins and Keith Lee in order to claim another shot at the WWE Championship, despite losing his previous shot to Drew McIntyre back at SummerSlam.

McIntyre was last seen on Raw when he was being Punt Kicked several times by the Viper backstage, which took him out of Payback where he was replaced by Keith Lee.

The man himself has stated that he will be on Monday Night Raw next week, which will only serve to further extend this feud.

At present, it has already been announced that McIntyre and Orton will face off at Clash of Champions for the WWE Championship, but now a report by Tom Colohue states that the feud could continue into Survivor Series.

This means that the two men could also collide as part of Hell in a Cell in October. There were rumors heading into SummerSlam that Randy Orton could defeat McIntyre and take the title into his feud with Edge which is WrestleMania 37 bound, which means that McIntyre could drop the Championship to the Viper at some point. Otherwise, having the two men face off at another three pay-per-views with no title change seems somewhat strange.

It also means that if the two men face off for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series, then WWE may not be going with their usual head to head Championship matches between SmackDown and Raw.

“Randy Orton was always going to get this rematch because the match between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton which is now booked for Clash of Champions is supposedly part of a long term feud that will likely run into Hell in a Cell as well and finish around Survivor Series time. It was always supposed to be in that position.”