Real Life Heat Between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle?

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins was drafted from Raw to SmackDown on the recent episode of SmackDown. He also appeared on the Watch Along special aired during the draft.

Rollins was asked during the Watch Along, who he would want to face, now that he was on SmackDown. He named Big E and AJ Styles but had a surprisingly negative reaction when asked about another current SmackDown talent.

“I’ve no interest in facing Matt Riddle at any point in my career, so he can go to Raw as far as I’m concerned”.

The comment is raising a few eyebrows because previously Rollins had said that Riddle would be an interesting opponent.

While there is the chance that Rollins was just being a good “heel” which he currently is towards someone who is nominally a “babyface”, rumors are now circulating that there is real heat between Rollins and Riddle.

The heat allegedly stems from some comments that Riddle and his wife had made towards Rollins’ fiancé, Becky Lynch.

In a deleted Instagram post from Riddle’s wife last November, a photo of Lynch was shown with an accompanying caption.

“Calling out main roster Divas over the past couple of weeks for being straight skinny jiggly fat.”

The post goes on to say that “multiple female wrestlers” need to do more squat training to improve the look of their rear ends.

Another fan has tweeted about that post and heat between the Riddle, Rollins, and Lynch.

The fan states that “after last year’s Survivor Series” he went with Riddle and some other people to a steakhouse where Rollins and Lynch were also dining.

“They knew we were there but went out of their way not to acknowledge us,” the fan wrote.

He went on to say that Riddle “talked shit about Rollins” for the entire weekend.

It should be noted that Riddle and Rollins have not been on the same brand since Riddle moved from NXT. While both are on SmackDown now, Riddle is up for the draft on the next episode of Raw.