Real Reason Behind WWE’s Recent Attempts at an Edgier Product

Can WWE create an impact on their viewership?

Image via WWE

WWE’s decision to appoint Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff, former showrunners of ECW and WCW respectively, was met with universal applause and fans were eager to see the changes to the WWE product.

Although their appointments haven’t had a tremendous impact from the very first day, changes could be seen to RAW and SmackDown Live episodes this week.

One of the major changes was the introduction of some cursing on the show, which is a clear indication of WWE trying to bring an Attitude Era-esque feel to the show.

Kofi Kingston showing Samoa Joe the finger, Corey Graves saying “Holy S**t” on live television, Bobby Lashley making a proclamation of murder, etc; were some of the minute changes which got the WWE Universe talking.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestler Observer Newsletter, this move to bring in edgier content is aimed at preserving the teenage audiences. WWE is aware that the teenage audiences are looking for edgier content, and could move to AEW when they start their weekly programming in October.

WWE’s decision to spice things up will definitely create some impact on the viewership, and could eventually help them retain some of the “hardcore” audiences. WWE is also looking at bringing new eyes to the product with the edgier content, and could also be planning to attract the fans from Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era.

WWE is also looking to push Ricochet, a superstar who the creative feels will do well with the teenage audiences. This could explain the reasoning behind Ricochet winning the United States Championship in his very first singles title match last week.

Hopefully, WWE continues the trend of edgy content, and keeps dishing out such exciting brand of television every week!