Reason Behind Big Show’s Absence From WWE Hall of Fame Induction

Earlier today, WWE announced the induction of the New World Order and Batista into the class of 2020 Hall of Fame. NWO will be represented by Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman. Hogan, Hall, and Nash formed the original NWO in 1996 when Hogan made a shocking heel turn to join the Outsiders and formed the NWO.

Waltman joined later and stayed for a while before heading back to WWE, joining yet another legendary faction, D-Generation X. Waltman was inducted last year as part of DX into the Hall of Fame, while rest of the three superstars already stand in the Hall of Fame on the basis of their individual careers.

Waltman’s induction alongside the three founding members comes as a major surprise as NWO featured plenty of superstars throughout their run in WCW, followed by NJPW and WWE. One of the major names to be a part of NWO was the Giant, who later went on to join WWE and was repackaged as ‘The Big Show‘.

Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio noted that Show wasn’t included as part of NWO, as WWE is looking to induct Big Show into the HoF as a singles superstar first. Most of the WWE audiences won’t be familiar with Show’s work as the Giant in WCW, and WWE will definitely give Show an induction as a singles star in the near future.

WWE made a surprising announcement for the Hall of Fame program, almost four months in advance, and it led to many wondering why the Giant was not a part of the NWO making it to the Hall of Fame.

The NWO also featured individuals like Eric Bischoff, Sting, Scott Steiner, Shawn Michaels, etc. and hence, WWE’s puzzling decision to only include Waltman (who stayed in NWO for a year before leaving for WWE) is rather surprising.