Reason Behind NXT’s Strange Schedule For The First Two Weeks

WWE chose to start NXT two weeks earlier than AEW, in order to get a headstart

wwe nxt
Image via WWE

WWE NXT moves to the USA network in less than ten days from now, and the highly-anticipated move received a minor setback last week. It was announced by the WWE that NXT’s first hour will air on the USA Network from 8 to 9, while the newly added second hour will be broadcast on the WWE Network.

This arrangement was made only for two weeks, and when NXT finally goes head-to-head with AEW, the complete broadcast will take place on the USA Network.

This was a rather puzzling move by WWE and the USA Network and left fans wondering the reasoning behind the move. WWE had announced that the black-and-gold brand of the company will be moving over to the USA Network for a two-hour show from September 18. However, it seems like there was a lack of proper planning behind this move in the first place.

It was reported on Wrestling Observer Live that this new decision was taken in order to accommodate the final two episodes of Suits, the long-running drama show on USA Network. The 9-10 slot currently belongs to Suits on Wednesdays and will continue to remain the same for the final two weeks.

“Apparently, I think it’s Suits, apparently they’ve gotta finish off two episodes of that show and that’s why the first two episodes of NXT on the USA Network are only one hour with the second hour being on the WWE Network.”, said Bryan AlVarez

WWE reportedly chose to start NXT two weeks earlier than AEW, in order to get a headstart on the rival promotion. This decision was made quite quickly, and the WWE officials, as well as the USA authorities, probably forgot to fine-tune the move.

Irrespective of this, NXT will start airing full-time on USA Network from October 2, in the 8-10 PM slot.