Reason Behind Vince McMahon’s Absence From WWE TV This Week, Major NXT Announcement On RAW Canceled

XFL commitments have kept The Chairman away from WWE

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WWE is going through a major period of change ahead of SmackDown’s debut on FOX in The Fall and Vince McMahon has his hands full at the moment.

The Chairman wasn’t in the building for Monday Night RAW and is set to miss SmackDown Live tomorrow night as well.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that McMahon’s big XFL announcement scheduled for Wednesday night has prevented him from carrying out his WWE responsibilities for a while.

“So Vince wasn’t at the show tonight. He’s not going to be at the show tomorrow night because he’s getting ready for the XFL announcement on Wednesday. They’re gonna announce all the coaches and all the teams and things like that so he’s busy with that.”

Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Kevin Dunn and Paul Heyman ran the operation on Monday night and things appear to be just fine for tomorrow’s live show as well.

With Vince not around, there (probably) won’t be any tearing up of scripts at the very last-minute. Well, at least for now.

On the other hand, WWE had reportedly planned for a major NXT announcement on RAW that would have officially broken the news of the developmental brand’s switch to USA Network.

Brad Shepard reports that the announcement was never made, and it’s not because of McMahon’s absence, but solely due to the numerous leaks that had already ruined the big moment before showtime.

Former WWE icon and current AEW talent, Chris Jericho had fired the parting shot by spoiling the NXT-USA Network deal on Busted Open Radio ahead of Monday night.

WWE is definitely going to make the announcement official on TV sooner than later and this time they might do it without any prior advertisements. After all, the WWE Universe is already aware of the news, so there’s no point in hyping the “historic” announcement anymore.