Reason Behind WWE ‘Accidentally’ Revealing a Retribution Member Last Week

WWE introduced a new faction named Retribution last week on RAW, and the rebellious group is looking to assume control over WWE programming. The identity of the attackers remains unknown, but it seems like the company subtly gave away a member’s identity to avoid controversy.

The ending moments of SmackDown last week saw the group hit the ring and destroy it, even targetting some members of the audience.

A female member was attacked by a Retribution member, whose long hair could be seen in the footage. Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that one very probable reason why they exposed female hair is to avoid further controversy.

“Now, this was a small touch is that the woman in the Retribution group was the only one who punched or kicked the other woman and they took enough of her mask off to where you could see her long hair with the idea it’s not a man beating on a woman but a woman doing so. It should help ratings for a few weeks but it also could end up being more harm than good if there are more segments this bad”

WWE is not really high on intergender matches, with man-on-woman violence being extremely rare in the company. The company has a big advertiser market and they wouldn’t want to displease them by having something as controversial as that on their programming.

The woman is rumored to be Vanessa Borne, as certain eager fans have linked the voices to the NXT star. It was rumored that Borne was moved to the main roster earlier this year, but the company didn’t have any proper storylines for her.

Dominik Dijakovic and Tommaso Ciampa are also rumored to be members of the rebellious faction.