Reason For Bianca Belair’s Extended Absence on WWE TV

Bianca Belair was moved up to the main roster at WrestleMania when she came to the aid of her real-life husband Montez Ford and set up a feud with Zelina Vega.

The two women looked as though they could be heading for an interesting feud before Belair was removed from WWE TV and hasn’t been seen for a number of months.

According to a report by The Wrestling Observer, Belair’s absence is a creative decision, he noted that she wouldn’t have fit in with the crazy skits on Raw.

“She was introduced. Then somebody decided on wacky skits she didn’t fit in. So they didn’t put her on TV because she wasn’t in any program. Now it’s a new cycle and we’ll see.”

Shayna Baszler was also taken off WWE TV ahead of Backlash with reports suggesting that this was so that Nia Jax would look credible in her challenge for the Women’s Championship.

Nia Jax came up short in her quest to dethrone Asuka since the match ended in a double count-out before a fast count from referee John Cone cost her the title in the rematch on Raw.

Now that Backlash is in the rearview mirror, both Shayna Baszler and Bianca Belair are free to make their return.