Reason Why Randy Orton Teased Potential AEW Move, Update On WWE Contract

Can WWE lure The Apex Predator to stay or will AEW land yet another legend?

Image via WWE

Randy Orton has made a huge AEW tease, sending the WWE Universe in a frenzy and making headlines in the IWC.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the possible reason why Orton teased a potential AEW move when he’s still got about 10 months left on his WWE contract.

“Maybe his contract is up and he’s playing the game… and he should. I mean he’s fixing to get a lot, a lot, a lot of money right now if his contract’s up. What is he? 39 years old right now? So, this is the time to get that last big contract because I don’t know… well, he’s probably one of those guys who will want to work a minimal schedule and WWE’s giving him a minimal schedule, you know he’s not out there killing himself.”

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The 13-time World Champion works a limited WWE schedule at present, but that hasn’t stopped him from looking ‘”elsewhere”‘ to solidify his “future endeavors”.

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“[AEW] is a better schedule. I think AEW would grab him in a heartbeat. I guess because of his name value he would be considered a big coup, but it’s not like… I don’t know if that’s the right move, but it’s a hard one to turn down.”

Fightful Select is reporting that Orton’s WWE deal expires ‘next summer’. An earlier report suggested that The Viper’s contract would be up in December.

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Shortly after the post, Fightful began receiving inquiries from WWE talent and employees about Orton, who volunteered up information that as of right now, Orton’s WWE deal is up next summer. He was reported to have signed a ten-year deal in 2010, but considering a number of variables, the length of the deal could have always changed.

Randy’s next contract will undoubtedly be the biggest one in his career, and his recent tease is perhaps the best business strategy to generate interest and skyrocket his tremendous market value.