Reason Why Aleister Black vs Sami Zayn SummerSlam Match Was Held Early On SmackDown Live

WWE is no stranger to last-minutes changes made by The Chairman

Image via WWE

Aleister Black defeated Sami Zayn in singles action this week on SmackDown Live.

The match was originally supposed to take place this Sunday at SummerSlam but Vince McMahon rewriting the entire show on Tuesday evening just 90 mins before going live caused the match to be scrapped from the PPV card.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that McMahon had decided to hold the Black vs Zayn SummerSlam match early for the sole purpose of filling in the second hour of The Blue Show.

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“The Aleister Black and Sami Zayn match, the reason they did that [early] was when Vince showed up and he didn’t like SmackDown and he tore the whole show apart, when he was done with the stuff he didn’t like and then changing the main event, they had an hour to fill so one of the ideas fro that hour was ‘well, what can we do in this hour?’ — ‘Let’s put the Aleister Black and Sami Zayn on’ — so that’s one of the things they did to fill the hole so they took that off the pay-per-view so that’s the reason it’s off the pay-per-view.”

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The fact that Black and Zayn will no longer be performing on Sunday’s show and the Women’s Tag Team Titles won’t likely be defended makes the lengthy SummerSlam card a bit less heavy.

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As previously reported, WWE has nixed Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan from the Summerslam card owing to recent leaks.

WWE could be making more changes to the “Big 4” event in the next 48 hours. The company has reportedly arranged a big talent meeting on Sunday morning ahead of The Biggest Party Of Summer.

McMahon is likely to fire back with one or two big-time swerves to make sure the leaks and nixed matches do not take away from SummerSlam.

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WWE must end the August 11th pay-per-view on a high note in order to gain momentum ahead of SmackDown’s debut on FOX in The Fall.