Reason Why Daniel Bryan Has Been on a Losing Streak on WWE SmackDown

Daniel Bryan is one of the biggest stars in WWE. He is currently on Friday Night SmackDown, and in recent times, Bryan has lost most of his matches in WWE.

According to Ringside News, this is Bryan’s call. The report states that Bryan is working as a writer for the blue brand and he wants to put over talents he likes.

He started working in SmackDown’s writing team months ago, while Edge joined Monday Night Raw’s team around the same time.

“We’ve been asked about this, so we asked around. Daniel Bryan losing so often is HIS CALL. It’s not a burial. Bryan is on the writing team, and the losing stream is his idea. He wants to elevate talent, and he cares about making Superstars on SmackDown. What a novel concept?”

This isn’t the first time Bryan has lost matches willingly. He was the one who requested WWE to let Kofi Kingston defeat him at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship.