Reason Why Goldberg Didn’t Confront Dolph Ziggler On SmackDown Live

Goldberg delivered his epic “You’re Next” catchphrase to Ziggler on RAW

Image via WWE

Vince McMahon reportedly rewrote the entire episode of SmackDown Live just 90 mins before the show went on the air on Tuesday night. The Chairman was unhappy with the final script and took the matter in his own hands at the very last minute.

WWE has a habit of working around other people’s schedules that requires speedy last-minute calls and immediate planning. Sometimes things do work out smoothly but rest of the time it could be a hit or miss situation.

Goldberg’s expected appearance on SmackDown Live was nothing short of the aforementioned scenario. The former Universal Champion made his mega return on Monday Night Raw, making his Summerslam match against Dolph Ziggler widely official in the process.

On Tuesday night, The Showoff first mocked Goldberg’s entrance, then took out Rey Mysterio at ringside and thereafter cut a brief promo on The Myth.

Fans were chanting the 52-year-old legend’s name, expecting him to show up and confront Ziggler before their mega showdown on Sunday. However, that didn’t happen and many in attendance were left heartbroken.

On Oh,You Didn’t Know podcast, Brad Shepard said that WWE wanted Goldberg to appear on The Blue Show to keep the momentum going but the WCW legend’s prior commitments eventually prevented him from showing up.

“WWE actually wanted Goldberg to appear on SmackDown Live. I was told, okay so Tuesday I was told that they wanted him to appear and they weren’t sure if he was going to be able to.”

“This could have been a small part of the reason that they needed to change the show, but basically, Goldberg had a commitment and it was gonna be one of those super close situations whether he could appear or not, but ultimately he could not. They could’ve used him though. I mean they definitely could have used him to give a shot in the arm to this show.”