Reason Why Matt Riddle Is Still In NXT and Not In The Main Roster

Image via WWE

Matt Riddle is an interesting character, and the King of Bros manages to stay in the media all the time with his shenanigans. After he reportedly got in a backstage confrontation with the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar, at the Royal Rumble, Riddle was said to have tremendous heat, and Lesnar himself told him to stay in his place.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio notes that Riddle could be on the main roster, and be positioned in a similar role as Aleister Black if he hadn’t opened his mouth in the wrong place. Riddle has constantly called out Goldberg on social media for his wrestling abilities and has promised to retire Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.

WWE officials weren’t too happy with Riddle’s social media antics, which reportedly led to a ban on NXT wrestlers using social media to call out main-roster talent. Meltzer notes that Riddle isn’t going to hold back with his games anytime soon, as he is well aware of the professional wrestling circuit, and could leave WWE anytime he wants.

“If WWE uses him well then he’ll stay, but he’s not a guy like some of these guys are to where if WWE doesn’t use him well he’ll just sit there and go, ‘Oh well, I’m in WWE.’ He wasn’t happy in UFC. He wasn’t happy in Bellator. He’s only gonna be happy when he feels like he’s being used to his top potential. He’s got to be pushed to a certain level in that way and also, he should be anyway. It should be interesting to see, but I would think again if it wasn’t in the situation it was now that Heyman would always have him on the RAW roster and he’d be in that Aleister Black position and he’d be doing better, much better.”

Riddle previously performed in UFC and was fired from the company after repeated drug abuse. Riddle wrestled on the indie circuit in the past, and could always find a home away from WWE.

Riddle won the NXT Tag Team Championships with Pete Dunne last night on Takeover, which suggests that WWE isn’t too focused on punishing the Ultimate Bro at this point.