Reason Why Mauro Ranallo Parted Ways With WWE

Mauro Ranallo missed NXT TakeOver: XXX and is no longer with WWE. The Canadian sports announcer has enjoyed a 5-year stint with Vince McMahon’s promotion and the WWE Universe considers him to be the finest play-by-play announcer the industry has seen in recent years.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained the possible reason why Ranallo parted ways with WWE.

Ranallo’s mother became ill due to which he had to fly to British Columbia ahead of TakeOver: XXX. The 50-year-old commentator was also absent on NXT this past Wednesday and the returning Wade Barrett filled in for him.

“He went to British Columbia where he grew up because his mother’s been hospitalized and he missed a couple of shows and then you know, at the end of the day I think while he was up there, and I don’t know the whole story, but he decided he wasn’t going to come back, and it’s been, you know kind of a tumultuous time for the last could of years, but he’s going to continue to do Bellator and Showtime Boxing.”

It was after the trip to his homeland that Ranallo made the decision to quit WWE.

“You know he wasn’t able to do the shows. I mean, it was kinda told to me that he’s 50-years-old, and it kinda brought into perspective that he’s supposed to be a mental health advocate and doing that show every week under that pressure is not what he’s here for. there’s always more to the story, just like Renee Young there’s reasons why you make the decisions.”

PWInsider reports that Ranallo was done with WWE shortly after the August 22nd pay-per-view.

“Ranallo finished with the company at some point over the last several weeks with one source believing the departure happened shortly after Takeover XXX.  There had been word internally that Ranallo was leaving and/or was done over the last week but details were hard to come by.”

Ranallo will continue to work in the world of combat sports in a commentary role for MMA and boxing.