Reason Why Mike & Maria Kanellis Have a Bad Reputation Backstage

Maria concealed her pregnancy at the time of renewal of her and Mike's WWE contracts

Image via Forbes

Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett returned to WWE in 2017 but things didn’t turn out to be all rosy for the real-life couple.

This week on Monday Night RAW, Mike and Maria lost to Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch in mixed tag team action. During the course of the match, Maria surprisingly announced herself as pregnant and cut a scathing promo on her husband after the defeat.

On PW Insider Elite audio, Mike Johnson noted that Maria may continue to appear on TV while pregnant to carry on with the storyline. It was at this time that Johnson revealed the reason behind Mike and Maria having a bad reputation backstage.

“Any of my engagement with them has always been positive, they also had a reputation within Ring Of Honor and Impact for being a little hard to work with at times.”

It appears that the lovebirds developed a stained reputation in whichever promotion they stepped in. Ever since their marriage in 2012, Mike and Maria have worked and jumped promotions together.

“Well, she was the vocal one. She handled the lion’s share of the business there. There are people in Impact to this day who still often comment on what a pain in the butt they were at times and at one point they had allegedly verbally agreed to remain with the company and were going to get their deals and when they got their deals they said, ‘Yeah we’ve decided to go elsewhere and went to WWE.”

Maria’s recent actions have made WWE quite upset with her. We previously reported that the 37-year-old Superstar concealed her pregnancy at the time of renewal of her and Mike’s contracts and while there’s no word on when the couple had found out about the pregnancy, WWE has appeared to have made the decision of not pushing them anytime soon.