Reason Why WWE Broke Up R-Truth & Carmella During 2019 Draft, Cathy Kelley Offers “Help”

Which (female) Superstar will be Truth's new sidekick on RAW?

Image via WWE

R-Truth and Carmella have been the best WWE pairing in recent times – not only has the duo enjoyed enormous success since late 2018, but they’ve also been a hot act and fan favorite since being crowned the winners of the Mixed Match Challenge Season 2, and the subsequent debut of the 24/7 Championship. However, all good things must come to an end and the Truth-Carmella alliance is no different.

On the second night of the 2019 Draft on Monday Night RAW, WWE broke up R-Truth and Carmella. The record 21-time 24/7 Champion was drafted to the red brand while The Princess of Staten Island jumped to SmackDown.

Dave Meltzer discussed the shock breakup on Wrestling Observer Radio, stating two reasons behind the split. The first reasoning highlights the fact that the WWE 24/7 Championship was actually USA Network’s idea which is why Truth had to be moved to RAW. The second reasoning is based on Carmella and Corey Graves‘ real-life relationship.

“If you remember the WWE 24/7 Title, the original idea came from the USA Network. It was like their idea which is funny because the original idea was ‘what can we do for the third hour of Raw so they don’t tune out.’ Of course, within weeks the title had nothing to do with the third hour of Raw, but it is a USA Network idea.”

R-Truth had to stay there [on Raw], but because Corey Graves got moved to SmackDown, Carmella had to go there, so if you’re wondering why they were broken up, that’s the reason.”

It remains to be seen whether this split will end up halting Truth’s push or Carmella’s babyface run.

Meanwhile, backstage and social media correspondent Cathy Kelley has decided to offer her services to the reigning 24/7 Champion. In other words, Kelley is willing to become R-Truth’s new sidekick!

Let’s see who WWE appoints as Truth’s new guardian angel on RAW.