Reason Why WWE Canceled a Spot in Vince McMahon’s Office, Universal Championship Match Was Pre-Taped

The Money in the Bank PPV aired last night, with the unique Corporate Ladder matchup to retrieve the MITB briefcase for both men and the women taking place from the WWE corporate headquarters. The match was won by Asuka and Otis, after a great sequence which even saw cameos from several WWE high-profile personnel.

One of the spots saw Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles venture into Vince McMahon‘s office, exchange a few blows before realizing which room they were in. They quickly apologized to the CEO and left the office, before continuing their assault outside.

According to, a writer pitched an idea for having the wrestlers go at it inside McMahon’s office. However, Vince McMahon vetoed the decision, because of the precious dinosaur bones kept inside his office. The T-Rex bones were visible during the segment when Styles and Bryan walked in, and those bones are apparently gifted to Vince by his son-in-law, Triple H.

Styles and Bryan even re-arranged Vince’s office after disturbing the furniture, which could have been a nod to Vince’s dislike towards his office being used as a PlayStation.

In another match from the PPV, Braun Strowman retained his Universal Championship over his former mentor, Bray Wyatt. The match wasn’t aired live during the show but was pre-taped ahead of time.

The other matches aired live, while the Money in the Bank matchup was taped a month ago. reports that WWE didn’t want to risk the Firefly Fun House puppeteers on camera, which was the reason for taping it much earlier.

WWE has used the empty-arena situation to bring the puppets from the backstage segments onto the main-show, but most of the time it has been from taped shows. With the whole show going live and the puppets being a part of this story, WWE made sure the story continued without risking outing the obvious puppeteers.