Reason Why WWE Championship Changed Hands on Raw Before Survivor Series

Randy Orton lost his WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre on this week’s edition of Raw. Now, Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Radio has revealed the reason why McIntyre won the title a few days after losing it to Orton at Hell in a Cell PPV.

The wrestling journalist said that The Viper had lost quite a few matches against The Scottish Psychopath and this is why they wanted him to pick up a victory at Hell in a Cell to try to even the odds. It seems like they will continue their rivalry for a few more weeks.

“Because they got nothing going on and they’d already done a bunch of Randy Orton-Drew McIntyre matches but Drew McIntyre kept winning and to keep it going they had Randy Orton win one so they did.”

Meltzer also said that WWE wanted a heel vs face matchup at Survivor Series which is the reason why they didn’t delay his championship victory further.

Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre are set to take on each other at Survivor Series in a Champion vs Champion match.