Reason Why WWE Cut Planned Segment From Monday Night Raw

WWE announced that Drew McIntyre would be a guest on A Moment of Bliss this week on Raw. It was a segment that was announced in advance, but many fans noted that it didn’t actually take place on last night’s show.

Instead, Drew McIntyre kicked off the show by interrupting Miz TV and setting up the six-man main event. Alexa Bliss was only seen in a backstage segment where she made it clear that she chose The Fiend over her old friend Nikki Cross.

PWInsider noted that this segment was just another victim of late re-writes ahead of the show. It appears that even though the company had pre-announced the segment, it would always be seen as subject to change.

The company’s main aim was to set up Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship rematch against Randy Orton for next week’s episode of Raw.

Bray Wyatt didn’t appear in person on last night’s episode of the show as WWE continues to push towards Survivor Series, instead, The Fiend was only referenced in the Alexa Bliss segment.

The absence of Bray Wyatt could have been the reason why WWE decided to change the script and have Miz TV instead of A Moment of Bliss.