Reason Why WWE is Keeping NXT Out of Survivor Series 2020

WWE has started their build for the yearly battle of the brands, Survivor Series, and there is one brand which is conspicuous by its absence.

NXT was part of the Survivor Series build last year, and even managed to secure the overall win over RAW and Smackdown. WWE managed to secure high ratings for NXT during the Survivor Series build-up, due to several wrestlers appearing on Wednesday nights in the weeks leading to the 2019 event.

However, WWE hasn’t included the stars from the black-and-gold brand this year, and according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, two major factors have contributed to this decision.

With the COVID-19 outbreak taking place in the NXT roster quite a few times, WWE wants to keep the NXT talents separated from their main-roster counterparts.

Also, Vince McMahon isn’t willing to let NXT be projected as the superior brand once again this year, which is another reason behind Triple H and his men not participating in the event.

RAW Underground was pulled from Monday nights due to the company trying to separate out the rosters, and a similar approach is being followed for the upcoming PPV.