Reason Why WWE Never Signed Tessa Blanchard

Image via Twitter

Tessa Blanchard has recently made the headlines for absolutely wrong reasons following reports of her bullying of other superstars came out this week. After Blanchard posted a tweet asking female superstars to stand up for each other, several superstars tweeted their encounters with Blanchard, which were of ugly nature.

Blanchard, who won the Impact World Championship this week had several skeletons in her closet which came to haunt her following her tweet. Apparently, WWE was aware of these issues surrounding the second-generation superstar, which was the reason behind them not signing her in the first place.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, IMPACT were well aware of Blanchard’s attitude problems and why several companies didn’t want to work with her in the past.

“She did not get a developmental deal there [in WWE] because of attitude issues I guess is how you would put it and she ended up in Impact.”

“The reason [Impact] knew that they had her despite how talented she is a lot of people wanted to steer clear of her for all of the reasons that came out and she had a lot of enemies. She made a tweet and whatever the deal was it inflamed a lot of people from her past and they all came out.”

Blanchard took part in the Mae Young Classic but was eliminated in the very first round itself. WWE is known to shore up on such promising talents, and them refusing to sign Blanchard was pretty surprising. However, after all the controversies surrounding her coming to the limelight this week, it is pretty apparent as to why WWE made the decision.

Blanchard is breaking ground on IMPACT and is clearly one of the top names in the female wrestling world, but her actions are sure to impact (no pun intended) her in the future. It is pretty unlikely that Blanchard shows up in WWE or AEW (which has her father Tully Blanchard) in the near future.