Reason Why WWE Never Used Maria Kanellis-Karl Anderson Storyline, Plans for Jinder Mahal

Maria Kanellis was recently released by WWE along with her husband, Mike. Both the superstars had a major debut back in 2017, becoming a part of a select few who skip the NXT grind and are put directly on the main roster.

Their gimmick was promising but fell flat soon, and they were relegated to the lower-card of the roster. Mike and Maria had decent success before joining WWE, which was Maria’s second run with the company.

Maria’s stint outside WWE included a run with New Japan Pro Wrestling, where she came under the radar of “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson. Anderson, who was part of the iconic Bullet Club in NJPW, was massively infatuated with Maria and resulted in several viral clips in which he can be seen drooling over the former WWE Diva.

A fan posted a clip featuring Karl and Maria and asked why WWE never brought the two together on WWE television. Anderson and Kanellis never crossed paths in WWE, which was a major missed opportunity as their clip is quite viral worldwide.

Kanellis retweeted the clip and responded by saying “WWE hates money”. Kanellis seemed frustrated after a lackluster run in the company.

WWE certainly loves money with Vince McMahon at the helm but were probably forced to discard this angle for PG television. WWE has also stopped sexualizing their female superstars, which could be another reason for not using this story.

Another WWE superstar who returned a few years ago, Jinder Mahal is set for a shocking babyface turn soon, according to recent reports. WWE has signed a new deal with Sony Television in India, and are looking to expand even further into the Indian market.

Mahal’s previous push was short-lived after he quickly descended the pecking order following his WWE title run. Mahal has recently returned from injury and WWE will look to utilize the Modern Day Maharaja in the best way possible.