Reason Why WWE Planned Randy Orton vs Big Show for Monday Night Raw

WWE has struggled with falling ratings since the start of lockdown, leading to empty arena shows. RAW in particular has fallen to historically low ratings, and WWE has to resort to new methods to tackle this downfall.

WWE usually brings back big draws or former stars to get a boost in their ratings, but it is a bit impossible due to the lockdown in force.

WWE has instead planned the Randy Orton-Big Show matchup for RAW, to make sure more viewers tune into the match, according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Although Big Show is not a main-ticket draw anymore, Orton has risen as the top heel in the company in the past few months, and will surely have an effect on the overall ratings.

WWE will be presenting the Horror Show at Extreme Rules this Sunday, and the Unsanctioned Match between Orton and Show would have fit right in there with the PPV gimmick.

However, WWE held it back by a day to bring in more eyes to the product, after this week’s show averaged a meager 1.561 million viewers. Even holiday specials of RAW haven’t drawn such low ratings in the 25+ year history of RAW.

Ric Flair has also returned to WWE programming, but his appearance hasn’t affected the ratings in any manner. Flair will be in Orton’s corner when he takes on Show in the Unsanctioned Match this Monday.