Recent Rumor Regarding Shayna Baszler Reportedly False

Shayna Baszler returned to WWE TV this week with quite a bang when she attacked a number of male stars ahead of the 24/7 Championship match on Monday Night Raw.

Baszler went on to cut a promo about the reality following her re-appearance, which sparked rumors that there could finally be some plans for the former NXT Women’s Champion on the main roster.

Baszler has had her own fair share of setbacks in recent months since it was The Queen of Spades who was originally set to win the Women’s Royal Rumble match before the plan was changed so that Charlotte could return to NXT.

Baszler was then the original plan for a feud with Becky Lynch heading into SummerSlam, but The Man’s pregnancy caused an issue that meant that the whole storyline had to be re-written.

Baszler has been on the sidelines waiting for the creative team to find a way to insert her back into a feud, while there have been many rumors regarding Vince McMahon no longer wanting to push The Submission Magician.

According to a report by Sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue, this isn’t the case, Baszler has just been handed a stroke of bad luck over the past year.

“Well, I know there have been a lot of rumors about Shayna Baszler. A lot about Vince McMahon being a fan and then not being a fan. From everything I have been told, that simply isn’t true. She has not been off TV because of that; she has been off TV because her whole storyline, or at least the plan for it, was built around the feud with Becky Lynch and Becky Lynch isn’t available.”

“It has been confirmed that Shayna Baszler was the original plan to win the Royal Rumble. The idea was that she would be very consistently and heavily pushed, but there have been some changes.”

“Charlotte was then given the opportunity against Rhea Ripley, Becky Lynch was then unavailable, and these have affected Shayna Baszler’s push. She was on creative hiatus while they work out what to do with her, and it sure looks like SummerSlam is the answer.”