Referee Reportedly Botches the Finish of WWE Raw Main Event

Mickie James shockingly lost her match for the Raw Women’s Championship against Asuka, thanks to a mistake by the WWE official just over a week ago.

It is now being reported that the official who was in charge of the main event match between The Hurt Business and RETRIBUTION made another error.

The referee in Mickie James’ match believed that the star was injured and called for the bell, while the referee this week on Raw called for the bell early and disqualified RETRIBUTION.

It was earlier believed that this was because the group broke WWE’s secret rule of an illegal man attacking the legal man in a tag match but Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer recently noted that this was wrong.

“I was actually told that they screwed up their own rule because it’s a breakup of a finish so a submission is also a thing. So, if you break up a pin or submission you’re allowed to do it, but if you just hit the legal man for no reason then it is a disqualification which makes absolutely no sense, but that’s the story.”

The end of the show managed to cover for the mistake, but two huge errors in two weeks will definitely have caused WWE officials to sit down with their referees and make some changes.