Reported Reason Why Lars Sullivan is Absent From WWE

Lars Sullivan hasn’t been seen on WWE programming for quite a while now. Some time ago, it was reported that Sullivan hasn’t even been on SmackDown tapings for weeks. This indicates that WWE doesn’t have any plans for The Freak right now.

Recently, Wrestling Observer Newsletter updated WWE fans about Lars Sullivan’s current status in the company. They noted that the reason Lars hasn’t been on WWE television is that he is “another top heel they don’t want to beat on the same brand.”

Dave Meltzer said that Roman Reigns is the biggest heel on SmackDown right now. WWE wants to push Lars as a protected heel wrestler but it wouldn’t be possible as long as The Big Dog is on the same brand.

Reigns’ heel turn has changed a lot of things in WWE and nobody knows how long will Lars have to wait before he could return.

Meltzer also noted that Lars isn’t among the few wrestlers who were sent back to training. He said that whenever the ratings would go down, Vince McMahon would want “more monsters”, but this time his thought process is that “he doesn’t have big guys who can work at that level.”