Reported Status of Talents Pulled From Clash of Champions Over COVID-19 Fears

WWE pulled three female Superstars from Clash Of Champions over COVID-19 fears but it doesn’t mean those talents have contracted the deadly virus.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that while it’s unclear whether the three Superstars have the virus or not, to his knowledge, one of them hasn’t contracted COVID-19 at all despite being in contact with someone who had tested positive.

“I know at least one of the three and probably two of the three do not have COVID-19, they were in contact with someone who does, so it might even be all three. I know for sure one (doesn’t have COVID-19) and I think two.”

“WWE was afraid of a COVID-19 spread, and they were in contact so they were not allowed on the show, but they’re all — I don’t know how all of their health is, but at least two of the three are not unhealthy as we speak. Hopefully, they do not get unhealthy.”

WWE’s usual protocol for possible COVID-19 exposure is a two-week quarantine. While the company doesn’t let their employees clarify their health status when it comes to COVID-19 tests, it’s possible that all three Superstars are negative and it was just a precautionary measure to keep them off the PPV last night.