Retribution Members Reportedly Offered “Significantly Low” Paying Main Roster Contracts

Retribution burst onto the scene last year and hasn’t been booked well since their main roster debut. The group has become glorified jobbers on the RAW roster under the guidance of former hacker Mustafa Ali.

In storyline, the group was handed new contracts when they were promoted to the main roster, but this is what happened in real life as well.

According to a report from Fightful Select, all four members of Retribution excluding their leader Mustafa Ali were offered $250,000 contracts when they made it to the main roster in late 2020.

This is considered to be significantly lower than other performers in the company. T-Bar, Reckoning, Slapjack, and Mace all signed new three-year deals and it’s unclear if they will be able to renegotiate their terms at the end of the pandemic.

Recent reports suggested that WWE was offering significantly lower new deals to their current talent since the company has taken a hit during the pandemic.

Many stars have refused to re-sign and will instead look at new terms with the company when the pandemic has passed.

At present, it’s unclear how long the stars who have declined new contracts will be forced to wait before they can re-negotiate.