RETRIBUTION Not Set to Be Unmasked Until At Least Survivor Series

Over the past few weeks, WWE employees and the company as a whole has been targetted and tormented by a new stable who call themselves RETRIBUTION.

At present, it’s unknown how many members of the group there are since there are more added whenever needed and the members of the group look as though they change from time to time.

It has been reported recently that this is because there are no set stars who are part of the group or under the masks at present, instead, all of the stars are placeholders until the company makes a decision on who’s going to debut. This is reportedly also why RETRIBUTION is yet to be unmasked since there are no solid plans as of yet.

“However, when it comes to RETRIBUTION, plans are all over the place at the minute. And they’re being rewritten practically every week. Nothing has been rewritten more than when and where RETRIBUTION show up.”

“There are times when the people playing RETRIBUTION are sat backstage, waiting for hours with rewrites upon rewrites, and there are times when people have left, who were going to be playing RETRIBUTION characters, and they’ve had to bring other people to fill those spots.”

According to Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda, the plans for RETRIBUTION to be unmasked won’t be happening until at least November around Survivor Series since the company won’t want to unveil who these stars are and then make them part of the WWE Draft.

It would be somewhat underwhelming for them to be revealed only to then be drafted to separate brands.

“I think it’ll still be a while yet, I think we are looking at closer to Survivor Series, at least in and around after the Draft because once you unmask someone they can then be drafted. But I don’t think they want the visual of RETRIBUTION members being drafted to RAW or SmackDown. So it will definitely be after the Draft.”