RETRIBUTION Set to Be Raw Exclusive Moving Forward

RETRIBUTION has been targeting WWE superstars, staff, and buildings over the past few weeks with no kind of pattern to any of their attacks and at present none of the members of the group have revealed their identity.

There are a number of theories online regarding members and the leader but it doesn’t seem that the company is any closer to revealing the stars involved or the reasons for their random attacks.

Retribution attacked in the middle of the match between Andrade, Angel Garza, and The Street Profits on Raw last night, and while Garza was able to escape, he later ran into the group backstage.

The other three stars in the match were beaten down by the group, as was Zelina Vega at ringside.

According to a report by POST Wrestling, the reason why the group wasn’t seen all weekend was that the company has made the decision for them to be Raw Exclusive moving forward.

With the upcoming WWE Draft, it makes sense for the company to make it clear that there is still a brand split and that RETRIBUTION now belongs to just one of their main roster brands.

It was speculated earlier this week that the identities of the stars wouldn’t be revealed until after the draft, but if the group is exclusive to one brand, then they could be revealed much sooner.