Rey Mysterio Could Appear on Other Promotions Without Legal Consequences

Rey Mysterio’s WWE deal expired a month ago but he’s still working a top feud with Seth Rollins. Mr. 619 is appearing on WWE TV without any written contract and that leads to the possibility of the masked superstar walking out of WWE mid-angle or no-showing The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Mysterio could technically show up on AEW Dynamite or work Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary pay-per-view. There would be no legal consequences since Mr. 619 has no contractual obligations towards WWE.

However, Vince McMahon has abundant faith in Mysterio and believes the former World Champion will never screw him over.

“‘It’s notable because in this type of an environment, with competition, from a legal standpoint, Mysterio could show up on the 7/15 Dynamite show or 7/18 Impact PPV show and not on this show. Now, that isn’t going to happen and it shows the trust Vince McMahon has in Mysterio to book a guy in a key PPV angle who could legally walk out in mid-angle or no-show the PPV card.”

In the midst of the Monday Night Wars in 1997, Rick Rude, who founded the D-Generation X stable, played with Mr. McMahon’s trust and became the only Superstar to appear on the WWF’s RAW and WCW’s Monday Nitro programs on the same night. RAW was pre-recorded and Rude had left for WCW in the interim.

Mysterio’s son Dominick is most likely WWE’s trump card in this regard. The Biggest Little Man wants his son to succeed in the billion-dollar promotion and it is for this reason that Mr. McMahon rules out the idea of the masked legend walking out on him.

As reported earlier, AEW could possibly match Mysterio’s offer when Mr. McMahon has already declined his request for a raise.

Mysterio is scheduled for an Eye For An Eye Match against Seth Rollins at The Horror Show At Extreme Rules.